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Where do I buy your books, Kevin S. Giles Author?

The absolute most direct approach is from my online publisher, booklocker.com. You can search for my books by title, or by my name. I suggest this approach because it cuts out the “middle man” in the sale. However, all the major online book retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, also list my books. They’re also for sale at some Montana bookstores, including the Montana Historical Society in Helena and in Deer Lodge at Browsing Bison Books and the Old Prison Museum gift store. Ingram, the national book distributor, lists my books.

What is One Woman Against War?

This is a factual biography of Jeannette Rankin, first woman elected to Congress and lifelong pacifist. She was from Montana, elected to Congress in 1916 when only 10 states had granted women the right to vote. The book examines Rankin’s life from her early days in the suffrage movement, her two terms in Congress, her extensive lobbying against war profiteering, her role in the Jeannette Rankin protest in 1968 and her attempts to reform government to make it more accountable to the American people. This 472-page book includes a select bibliography, pages of end notes and a comprehensive index.

What is Summer of the Black Chevy?

This novel explores judgment, tragedy and loss through the eyes of Paul Morrison during his first teenage summer. The fictional story takes place in the real small town of Deer Lodge Montana – also the author’s hometown. The 308-page novel has proven popular with youth and adults alike, its story line stirring the nostalgia in all of us.

What is Jerry’s Riot?

This true crime book is a nonfiction account of Montana’s 1959 prison disturbance. It explores a clash between career criminal Jerry Myles, who had served time in three federal prisons, and new reform warden Floyd Powell. The author interviewed hundreds of prisoners, guards and other people who witnessed the riot. He also drew from federal and state prison records, affidavits, personal letters and more. This 445-page book, published in 2005, remains in print and continues to draw readers.

What is Flight of the Dove?

This is the author’s original biography of Jeannette Rankin. It’s no longer in print. The new edition, retitled One Woman Against War: The Jeannette Rankin Story, is a fuller, more insight account of the nation’s first woman in Congress.

Who are you, Kevin S. Giles, Author?

Kevin is a journalism graduate of the University of Montana and has worked as a reporter, editor and designer for six daily newspapers in the United States and Australia. He’s also edited and designed several other books and, as a newspaper journalist, written thousands of news stories, editorials and other articles. Kevin is a native of Deer Lodge, Montana.

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