What readers say about ‘Summer of the Black Chevy’

¶ “You have a incredible talent of writing. Great work! I have never enjoyed a book like this one in my lifetime, a culmination of great writing, great storyline and a story of my hometown. It has to be very rewarding to accomplish such a wonderful thing.” Gary, Montana

¶ “Just finished ‘Summer of the Black Chevy;’ such a great and accurate depiction of the mindset of a junior high kid of that time and place. Great read from start to finish, Kevin! I recognized the character portrayal of (our shop teacher) and found myself wondering who the others were modeled after. Thank you for illuminating Memory Lane, as I often stroll there.” Joel, Nevada

¶ “ ‘Summer Of The Black Chevy’ was wondrous and dang, if he didn’t do it again! He wrote about my childhood! Such an incredible story he wove, his extraordinary way of telling it was like painting the picture of my life in full color, page by page. I was transported back each and every evening I picked up that book to continue on. It truly was difficult to deal with when it ended.” Paula, Montana

¶ “I just finished reading ‘Summer of the Black Chevy.’ Believe me, you touched some hot spots for me. I could SO relate to the characters. I graduated high school in 1965. I lost a close friend to cancer just before we graduated. Every male in my class who couldn’t get a deferment went to Vietnam. One was killed there. All the others who went to Vietnam are now dead. I think we all had a different take on life, family, future and time because of the times. We lurched into life with a vengeance. … The bottom line is, Kevin, you nailed the times!” Nancy, Minnesota

¶ “I have finished reading your book and have to say that it was a very enjoyable read! I like a book that both makes one chuckle and tear up in places. Good job!” Tom, North Carolina

¶ “Finished ‘Summer of the Black Chevy’ last night. I really enjoyed it. It brought back a lot of memories of my own junior high and high school days here. Loved your character development. Interestingly, as I was reading the part about Paul’s father, I was sitting in the hospital waiting room as Jerry was coming out of a triple bypass. That brought a lot of emotion. I was constantly picturing your dad and got a chuckle out of the green-handled tools. I remember that well. I am anxious to hear the responses of the rest of my book club next week – most of whom did not grow up in Deer Lodge. Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.” Sharon, Montana

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¶“ ’Summer of the Black Chevy’ took me back in time on an adventure in a place so familiar, but through the eyes of a different generation. The detailed descriptions provided vivid imagery and I felt like I was right there in Deer Lodge in 1965 experiencing sights, sounds, and smells with the characters from the first page to the last. I was reminded how the days of childhood innocence should be treasured, but also how quickly things can change and people can grow in the face of tragedy. It gave me great joy reading about some of the old glories of my hometown, but wherever you call home, this story of love, adversity, friendship, and resilience is worth the read!” Haley, Montana

¶ “I just finished reading ‘Summer of the Black Chevy’ by Kevin S. Giles. What a journey you took me on, Kevin. Back to Deer Lodge and my childhood. None of the names were the same but the people that came to mind during the story, the emotions that I experienced, the misty eyes, the muted laughter, an incredible ride. Thank you Kevin S. Giles Author! Linda, Arizona

¶ “I just want to thank you for writing both books but especially ‘Jerry’s Riot.’ I received them for Christmas from my wife and read both immediately, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated them! ‘Summer of the Black Chevy’ was great, and it took me back vividly to my own youth, which was about five years after yours but no less a pure adventure! I realize the story was fiction, but I couldn’t help seeing what must have been some very real connections to you and your group of ‘Hooligans’ during those years. The story of the riot is absolutely unbelievable, and what I kept thinking throughout the book was how little I had known of it. It really blows my mind that I lived in that town my whole life through the age of 18, and there was never anything that I can recall mentioned about it in school, or in our home for that matter, with it being such an incredible piece of the history of Deer Lodge! Whatever the case, I just have to thank you for every ounce of effort you, and everyone involved in your extensive research for all those years, put into this book! I had no idea what our town went through at that time, and I can’t imagine what it was like for your mom, and all the people whose loved ones were held hostage for those 36 hours by those madmen. I would hope EVERYONE who lived there will read it!” Mark,  Washington

¶ “A big shout out to Kevin S. Giles Author for writing the great book that has its setting in Deer Lodge, Montana. I must admit that the reason I read it was because my roots are there, but I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone, anywhere. Any book that keeps me up all night AND makes me cry is a good one! Great job, Kevin! ‘Summer of the Black Chevy,’ read it!” Loretta, Washington

¶ “Your book brings back so many memories of a bygone era. Paul is an adolescent boy, dealing with some major life changes, and you really dig deep and honestly into his character, his world was rocked. I loved how you were honest and raw about the pain and mistakes of growing up, and wove in the end that we as adults have learned from our past and are who we are because of it.” – Vikki, South Dakota

¶ “I just finished reading this book and what a great read !!! Way to go, Kevin, it hit all the points: happy, sad, loving, and some surprises. I truly loved it and was sorry it had to end.” Lorean, Wyoming

¶ “Kevin, just finished reading ‘Summer of the Black Chevy.’ Wow, great story; nice elements of antics of teenage boys, layered with the poignancy of tragic loss and unusual friendship. The characters were real people facing real life experiences. I will certainly recommend this book. I think it would be a good book club read.” Linda, Arizona

¶ “You captured the innocence and wonder we all experienced growing up in a small Montana valley, isolated from the world around us.  And then you brought us into the world.  First, the underworld within our own town, then Butte, Anaconda – and what of faraway places like Viet Nam?  How could Viet Nam affect our small world?  Innocence was fleeting and now here we are; all of us bearing the badges and scars of our existence. Bravo to you the author, Old Gangster, Hooligan, and friend forever.” – Don, California

¶ “I have finished ‘Summer of the Black Chevy.’ You write about the town I remember. The names have changed, but I know them. I laughed, cried and just enjoyed reading this remarkable book.” – Katheryn, Montana

¶ “Once I started reading ‘Summer of the Black Chevy’ I couldn’t put it down. Ask my wife!  I was useless until I finished it. The story is compelling and the characters are very believable. As a Deer Lodge native, my little town came back in vivid detail and brought back so many memories. I loved the twists and turns Mr. Giles put into the story and the real life emotions and reactions. I can’t wait for the movie!” — Fred, Colorado

¶ “I anxiously awaited my copy of ‘Summer of the Black Chevy’ because I knew the novel was set in my hometown.  That said, the book far exceeded my expectations. For any person coming of age in the 60’s and living in a small town, you will be flooded with memories and intrigued by the character development. The book is well written, descriptive, and colorful. It truly took me back to my youth and evoked memories that had long been dormant. As one of the hooligans that the book is dedicated to, I congratulate Kevin on a great book and fun read.” — Todd, Montana

¶ “‘Summer of the Black Chevy’ took me back to my own teenage years in Australia. Kevin really captures the hopes, dreams and fears of a boy growing up in a small town in the sixties (and not just in the USA). I smiled as I related to  my own memories of being elbowed aside en route across the dance hall heading for the prettiest girl there. I was also transported back to some sobering recollections of wild car rides. Kevin paints a wonderful picture of small town Montana with a heart-felt story of a young boy’s journey to become a man. ‘Summer of The Black Chevy’ is thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.” — Gregory, Queensland, Australia

¶ “I grew up with the original Hooligans in Deer Lodge, so I was as anxious for the release of Summer of the Black Chevy as I was for the Tri-County Fair every August when I could rendezvous with all my friends before school started. I expected a walk down memory lane filled with local folklore, adolescent pranks, and angst over new love, making the team and crossing the proverbial line, but the story was so much more. Paul Morrison learns the hard lessons of life about hardship, death, war and cover-ups and how those seemingly arbitrary events change your life. Congratulations Kevin on your first novel. It was a great read.” – Lana, Arizona

¶ “Finished reading the book in two sessions! Another “can’t put it down” kind of story. I am again amazed at your uncanny knack for details! Just glad I was older and didn’t grow up with you so you can’t report on any of my escapades! Love, Love Love “Summer of the Black Chevy”!! – Gayle, Montana.

¶ “So many emotions about your characters, whom I know in parts and pieces, and the town itself which is a faint whisper of what it was in our childhood. I lived on “the hill.” Still do, every chance I get. I attended a different grade school though, and no, I didn’t have to climb the wrought iron stairs to lick any cat’s faces, but I walked to and from school most days with Rocky Barton and received a far more entertaining education than was provided inside the walls of St. Mary’s Academy. I was a 7th grader again in the first few pages and painfully grown up by the final chapter. Where has the time gone? I simply long for a Deer Lodge that we knew, by contrast to the one that exists today.  Saving the Deer Lodge Hotel won’t do it, but another fictional account by Kevin Giles Author will.” — Earl, Oregon (and one of the original Hooligans)

¶ “The ‘Summer of the Black Chevy’ is a heartwarming tale of a teenage boy becoming a man in Deer Lodge, Montana. Kevin has a smooth, personable style that is very satisfying. The story is informative, fun and a great read!” — Knight, California

¶ “I just finished your book, ‘Summer of the Black Chevy.’ I was 13 in 1965 also…. lived in a small towns and/or on the outskirts of those small towns with only my five siblings for entertainment. Your story struck a chord deep in me … over and over, page after page … taking me back in time to a place that was pivotal for so many reasons and memories that I haven’t thought of in years and still have a hard time really believing they’re true.  I do love to read… a lot!  But I haven’t read anything this fine, this emotional, this poignant for a long long time. Excellent read! Thank you!” — Paula, Montana